• C-Bus

    Clipsal developed this control and management system to adjust lighting, audio/visual, motors and more.

  • Dyanlite

    Philips Dynalite is a fully-integrated control system for lighting and automation, ideal for commercial and residential use.

  • Home Automation

    Whether you’re in a new or old property, we can assist with the installation and maintenance of all home automation services.

  • Home Theatre

    We can help you set up the ultimate home theatre system, including all visual and audio equipment.

  • Control Systems

    Easily access and automate almost any device or electrical component from anywhere in your home.

  • Energy Management

    Energy-efficient automation devices help you regulate and control your power use, and also lower your power bills.

  • Water Management

    To help reduce your water bills, there are a number of water management systems available for all properties.

  • Lighting Control

    Manage when and how long your lighting stays on using wireless remote systems or WiFi controls.

  • Melbourne Electrician Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
    • Why is it called a smart home?

      It’s called a smart home simply because these devices almost think for themselves! They can turn on and off specific power sources based on when and where people are – helping you to save power and reduce carbon emissions.

    • What is home automation?

      Home automation allows the owner to control all energy and lighting outputs through a central switch or remote device. We work with a huge range of popular brands to bring you the most innovative technology.

    • Will a smart home lower my energy bills?

      Yes. The reason so many Australians are opting for smart homes and automation is that it can potentially save you hundreds of dollars annually on your power bills; simply by ensuring that any device or light that isn’t being used is switched off.

    • Is it expensive to build a smart home?

      Due to advances in technology and lighting, the cost to install automation devices and energy efficient lighting is not as much as it used to be. Additionally, as with all forms of technology, there are cheaper alternatives available to anyone who wishes to install them in their home. Speak to the team at Summit Electrical for more information about the options available.

    • Can I turn my existing property into a smart home?

      Yes. You don’t need to be building a new property to create a smart home. There are a number of simple devices you can install to existing electrical work and appliances in order to automate and control them from a central system. Contact the friendly team at Summit Electrical to find out more.