• Faulty powerpoints, light switches & light fittings

    For the safety of your family, always use a qualified electrician to inspect and repair all faulty electrical work.

  • Electrical faults

    We can be there quickly if there’s been an electrical fault at your property, whether residential or investment.

  • Loss of power

    If you’re experiencing loss of power, we can conduct thorough site inspections and resolve the problem quickly.

  • Smoke detectors

    Smoke detectors should be tested regularly and if required, batteries changed frequently to remain safe at all times.

  • Pool equipment

    It’s important that all pool equipment, such as pumps, wiring and motors, are checked and maintained regularly.

  • TV antenna

    Whether you need a new TV antenna installed or there has been an issue that needs repairing, we’ve got you covered.

  • Melbourne Electrician Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
    • What should I do if there’s a faulty powerpoint?

      The best thing you can do is stay clear of the area and call a qualified electrician. We strongly recommend you do not attempt to repair the powerpoint on your own, at least until a professional has ensured the main power is off and it is safe to perform repairs.

    • Do you have an emergency phone line in case of an electrical fault at night?

      You can call our 1300 number at any time to request immediate support in your area. We can be at your property at any time to inspect and resolve any and all electrical issues – that number is 1300 845 455.

    • What kind of pool equipment do you work with?

      When it comes to pools, both outdoor and indoor, there isn’t much we can’t help you to achieve. Whether it’s installing electronic pump systems, cleaners or motors, we’ve got you covered.

    • What kind of properties do you service?

      We can assist with all types of property service and maintenance, including installations and repairs. We work closely with home owners, landlords and commercial property owners to ensure the highest quality work is completed quickly and quietly.

    • What kind of TV antenna is best for a large residential property?

      We are specialists in the installation and repair of digital TV antennas for all property types, including large residential buildings. The best type of antenna will depend on the building structure, including the shape and layout of the roof. It’s best to contact Summit Electrical for a building inspection to determine the best solution before any work is done.