• Sequence X Warehouse Lighting System

    This innovative lighting solution lowers your warehouse lighting usage, and minimises your operational running costs.

  • Doorway lighting

    In any business it’s important that all doorways & exits are well lit and signed. Summit can assist with these services.

  • Automation Systems

    There are a number of automation systems available for businesses to improve energy efficiency and save power.

  • Switches

    Safety switches and energy saving powerboards lower running costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Motion Sensors

    Motion sensors are a great way to improve safety and increase security at your warehouse.

  • Switchboard Upgrades

    If you’re experiencing power outages or disruptions, it may be time to invest in a switchboard upgrade.

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  • Melbourne Electrician Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
    • Can you assist with installing warehouse lighting on high ceilings?

      We are able to assist with the electrical installation, repair and maintenance of warehouse lighting on all property types, no matter what size or layout. To ensure we can provide you with an accurate quote, we recommend all building owners to request a site visit so we can inspect the property correctly. We can also offer quotes to help you make an informed decision about your warehouse lighting.

    • What kind of warehouse lighting is best?

      This all depends on the size and layout of your building. Obviously, if the warehouse is underground or doesn’t have any natural lighting then you will need to invest in a more substantial warehouse lighting solution. Additionally, if you are likely to have the lights on all day then you may also want to consider some energy saving solutions.

    • What lighting is best for reducing power?

      There are a number of lighting solutions available that will help you to reduce your power usage and also save on operating costs. You can invest in energy saving globes and fittings which will use less power, and there are also automated switches, motion sensors and more that can ensure power is used more efficiently. To discuss these energy saving solutions and more, contact the team at Summit Electrical.

    • What lighting is best for lowering carbon emissions?

      Most of the latest energy saving products available will lower your carbon emissions, while also saving you money on your power bills. LED globes emit far less carbon than out-dated halogen models, which is why they are the new Australian standard. If reducing your environmental footprint is something you want to seriously consider then contact us today and we can recommend the best products for your warehouse lighting.

    • What range do the motion sensors have?

      Our preferred manufacturer of motion sensors is an Australian company called Sequence X, who specialise in carpark and warehouse solutions. If you have a preferred model or brand that you’d like installed or repaired, then we can work with those too. Simply give us a call to discuss your needs and we can arrange a site inspection or provide you with a quote.