• LED Downlights

    Downlights are the most popular type of lighting available for domestic and commercial use.

  • Indoor Lighting

    No matter what size room or property you have, we’ll be able to create the perfect lighting solution for you.

  • Garden Lighting

    We work with a huge range of outdoor lighting solutions, including weatherproof and waterproof solutions.

  • Outdoor Sensors

    Add an extra level of security in your home, which greets you when you arrive home and wards off unwanted guests.

  • Lamp Replacement

    Summit can assist with all types of lighting maintenance, including the replacement of lamps and fittings.

  • Lighting Repairs & Maintenance

    If you are sick of poor lighting or constant flickering, call the team at Summit Electrical to take a look.

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  • Melbourne Electrician Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
    • What kind of lighting solutions are available?

      There are literally hundreds of varieties of light globes and fittings available, in different watts, sizes and colours. We’ve been working with lighting for a long time, which is why we can quickly determine the best lighting solution for your home or business.

    • What’s the difference between LED and halogen globes?

      Halogen globes are now outdated and only sold in some states. LED is superior in terms of energy use and longevity, and they also require less maintenance over their lifespan so you can reduce your costs even further. Similarly to traditional halogen lights, LEDs come in various sizes and shades.

    • How many lights do I need per room?

      This all depends on the type of lights you want to install, including their surface area and light output levels. If you are installing new lights then call the team at Summit and we can perform a quick site inspection to determine what lights will give you the best coverage and value for money.

    • What shades do downlights come in?

      The latest LED designs come in various light shades, but most common of these is warm white (yellowish), natural white (non-coloured) and cool white (slight blue tinge). If you are trying to create a certain type of look within your home, speak to the team at Summit about finding the right products or brands.

    • What’s the radius of an outdoor sensor?

      This depends on the brand and model of outdoor sensor you use. Most new models come with different settings, which you can adjust to suit the size and layout of your outdoor area. To ensure the best result we suggest home owners seek advice from a qualified electrician before installing outdoor sensors.